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The association was formed November 9th 1982 by some people who had attended the course of bottle ship building at the Maritime Museum. Course leader was Bjorn Thunberg.
After the course the participants did not want to split in different directions but wished to continue to meet outside the classroom. An association was formed and had from the beginning no name. After having voted on several proposals, it was agreed on the name "The bottle skippers". Bjorn Thunberg was the obvious first chairman, now honorary member. The meetings were held on the first Thursday of every month on board the lightship Finngrundet.
The idea of the association was to meet over a cup of coffee, talk about bottle ships and boats in general. Anyone who wanted could also build bottle ships at the meeting.
The association has slowly grown and now has about 40 active members and Kaj Westergren is now chairman.
From the beginning you had to present a self-made bottle ship to become a member. This has now been changed and all that is required is to have a genuine interest in bottle ships. The recruitment of new members was primarily among those who had attended the bottle ship course at the Maritime Museum but others have also been accepted as members.  The association is now a member of the European Association of Ships in Bottles.
As the members increased the premises on the lightship Finngrundet became too small and the meetings were moved to Skeppsholmsgården at Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm. Our monthly Thursday meetings has changed to building meetings and are now held every Monday with a small membership meeting once a month.
One of the purposes of "The bottle skippers" is to spread this hobby to more people. We participate in a number of different events in the neighborhood of Stockholm like "Skeppholmens Day", The hobby fair in Stockholm etc and we also have our website. On the website we reveal the secret of "how will the boat get into the bottle." This is a nice way to spread the hobby to both young persons and grownups.

The bottle skippers meet Thursday evening once a month.